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In Xargon: Beyond Reality, you'll guide the hero Malvineous through a strange and mysterious world. To escape, you must go through more than Xargon, also known as Xargon: The Mystery of the Blue Builders, is a video game trilogy produced by Epic MegaGames for DOS. The game is a side-scrolling. One of Epic Megagames' most obscure shareware titles, Xargon is a fun scrolling arcade/adventure game base on the same engine as its much more popular.

Xargon is a video game produced by Epic MegaGames for MS-DOS. The game is a side-scrolling platform similar to Jill of the Jungle. Play Xargon online here!. The basic goal of the game is to advance through the map by completing levels. To finish a level, the player must find and reach the exit, which is found by. Xargon is action game, published in by Epic MegaGames. We gave this game stunning rating of

Xargon was released as a trilogy, where the first episode was free to play and distribute via shareware. However, to continue the game and play further levels. An archaeologist named Malvineous Havershim was studying strange ruins in Madagascar, remnants of buildings constructed during the age of a long- forgotten.