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Pacman waka sound

7 Dec - 67 min - Uploaded by xrlabs This is the famous 'wakawaka' sound from Pacman, looped for 1 hour. It loops seamlessly. 15 Jun - 6 sec - Uploaded by Youtube Sound Effects Youtube Sound Effects. Hello this is the famous sound when the hero Pacman eat or is. 25 Dec - min - Uploaded by crysknife Even if you don't know about pac man you do. This is the pac man wakka wakka sound.

21 Feb - 6 sec - Uploaded by GameNoises The noise that Pacman makes when he is eating the pellets. 7 Jul - 5 sec - Uploaded by ThisIsNotMyRealSelf Also, as a. 25 Dec - 60 min - Uploaded by crysknife Help support this channel on Patreon: Everyone knows.

1. (N)The shrill and digital sound a pacman (or pacwoman) makes as s(he) eats a dot. 2. (N)A Battlecry. Download Video Game Sounds drum kit for free. Metal Gear Solid Alert/Found/ Spotted Sound Effect. / Pacman Waka Waka. Sounds Effects and Music for the Classic Namco Arcade Game Pac-Man. My approach was to draw the waveform from the picture you posted in Serum, and then just play the notes in the piano roll (due to lack of an.