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Malefique 2002

Directed by Eric Valette. With Gérald Laroche, Philippe Laudenbach, Clovis Cornillac, Dimitri Rataud. Four prisoners find an ancient diary in the wall of their cell. Four prisoners sharing the same cramped cell make a discovery that could help them escape from even the most high security prison if it. Maléfique is a French horror film directed by Éric Valette. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Cast; 3 References; 4 External links. Plot[edit]. Carrere, a middle-class family.

Malefique () Malefique is one of the four films I know of coming from France this year among such other interesting titles as In My Skin. Four prisoners share a single cell: Marcus; Marcus's idiot savant buddy, Paquerette, who will eat anything in sight including pocket watches, cockroaches, and. If you're a fan of original, claustrophobic horror, then be sure to check out Maléfique (), a perfect example of what French horror brings to.

France has been dishing out pretty solid films as-of-late, ranging from action flicks to balls-to-the-wall horror. Now comes Malefique; a film that I. In a penitentiary, four prisoners occupy a cell: Carrère, who used his company to commit a fraud and was betrayed by his wife; the drag Marcus and his protégée.