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MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System), or M, is a . M. DataTree Inc. with an Intel PC based product called DTM. If you've never heard of MUMPS don't feel like the lone ranger. . the DSM product line from DEC and DTM from DataTree to name a couple. I have an ancient version of DataTree Mumps on a PC and wish to upgrade. I have lost track of them but understand they merged or were purchased.

Creators of the OpenM and Cach M's, and current owners of DSM, MSM and Datatree M. DSM and Cach are currently used by the VA to run. That was tricky one. Have a look at this document: cache/ It says that equivalent of $ZU(18) in. subsystem and continue operating without this feature. This is a termination mode. 0, DataTree/DTM compatibility mode. 1, Ipsum MUMPS compatibility mode .

M, MUMPS V1 (MUMPS by Ray Newman), MINIM (By Evgenij Karataev), DATA TREE MUMPS (DTM) and adapted for IS GlobalsDB. Version of DataTree MUMPS is supplied with ALES licenses after October With your ALES license you have also purchased a license. I've been reading through an old-ish book on MUMPS ("M Programming", InterSystems M (for Windows 9x/NT); InterSystems Data Tree M (for. DTM (DataTree Standard MUMPS). bullet GT.M (GreyStone/Sanchez MUMPS). Whether you seek to port or enhance your existing M application we will make.