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Birthday cake radio edit

Birthday Cake - Album Version (Edited) Come and put your name on it Put your name on it Come and put your Umbrella (No Rap Verison) Radio Disney Edit. [edit] United States, February 20, , Premiere · Def Jam Recordings. March 6, , Urban contemporary radio. Jacks new release "Birthday Cake" has funky old school undertones Birthday Cake (IZZA FIRE UK Garage Mix - Radio Edit), Jack Rose,

Birthday Cake (Acapella) clean Birthday Cake (Remix) (Dirty Intro) · Rihanna feat Chris Brown Birthday Cake Dirty ( Transition) (Nick Ferrer EDIT). "Birthday Cake" by Rihanna w/Chris Brown. Disclaimer - 1) use the clean version, and 2) have your DJ loop the section that says "cake, cake, cake, cake.