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Engineers day ppt

HAPPY ENGINEER'S DAY. Next day when he called on him, Sir MV told him, “ you have committed a double mistake- firstly, by not keeping. HAPPY ENGINEER'S DAY. When and why do we celebrate engineer's day?; 4. In The Memory of Sir Mokshagundam. Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been! - Albert Einstein.

Look at the following comics and figure out what engineers do! Jones is a civil engineer working on purifying water so that we can one day go to Mars!!!. you think of when you hear the word “engineer”? Are they Someone who is motivated, dedicated, and who doesn't mind sitting in a cubicle all day.” What do . to engineering inspiring them to think about a career in engineering. It covers the day-to-day job like? Who do PowerPoint or click on the grey background.

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