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The chameleons what does anything mean basically

Basically is the second studio album by English post-punk band the Chameleons. One single was released from the album: "Singing Rule Britannia (While the Walls Close In)". Reception - Track listing. My brand new personal copy has some clicks and pops during quiet places. I cleaned it with my VPI record cleaner but that didn't help. Typical of picture discs?. Easily the high point of the Chameleons' fascination with digital delays, pedals, and making the studio an instrument, the band's second album still is seen by many a fan as being just a little too lost in the production to have the same impact as Script of the Bridge did, despite equally excellent songs.

Producers The Chameleons & Colin Richardson. Writers The Chameleons, Dave Fielding, John Lever & 2 more. Composed by The Chameleons. Lyrics By Mark. A touch over-produced, as was the style of the times and even the music (think U2, *et al.*) but that just emphasizes the driving rhythms and vocals. In a better. Basically ( Remaster) by The Chameleons on Amazon Music. If anyone thinks the 80's did not produce good music (comparable to the output of the 60's.

The strangely titled What Does Anything Mean" Basically is the second Chameleons album, released in What Does Anything Mean". While Script of the Bridge is certainly a good album, there is no question for me both what is my favorite album by The Chameleons and what I regard as their. Mark Burgess has added more ChameleonsVox (The Chameleons) shows — performing debut album Script of the Bridge in its.