Apache large file slow download


Apache large file slow

Why is Apache slow on large files (>60K). We thought we had everything optimized with GZIP, content expirations and caching options, etc. for apache to run. Don't athermirestaurant.comss files: Put all your settings in the Apache configuration Tune the OS: Use large TCP write buffers so fewer system calls are. Posted: Tue 28 Feb '06 Post subject: slow serving a file, Reply with quote . I used a similiar method of accessing large MP3 files (+MB) that you do (at.

Apache is the venerable old-timer in the http server world. Set it too high and watch your server die in a slow, painful death as Apache runs out of RAM . in your Apache athermirestaurant.com file; many others will have a big impact on. Download of large files from slow connection stops I did look at Apache logs, these show the file being called and a status , but nothing in. I have a document that is + pages (about ,+ words) and uses very fancy Adobe PRO font. It would slog along quite slowly, taking.

Solved: OC - slow download for large files under *nix the host and the server ( download from apache, without owncloud), via ftp/scp? On the. "athermirestaurant.comss page may slow down your server somewhat; for most servers is enabled, when Apache goes to fetch the requested file for the client, That'll cause a fairly large performance hit that will just get worse with. We have been seeing some slowness when serving large files from 4 Sun s behind a f5 BigIP running apache. For a test we have. It is recommended that you do this sort of postprocessing of your log files on some . On some platforms, however, APR defaults to a slower, mutex-based.