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Chem3D Ultra (but not Chem3D) can run MOPAC jobs. Here are the instructions on how to install MOPAC so that it will run inside Chem3D Ultra. However, because MOPAC is a sophisticated computational chemistry tool, we refer Chem3D users to the full online documentation written by MOPAC's author, . MOPAC Interface for ChemBio3D. MOPAC is a general-purpose semi-empirical quantum mechanics package for the study of chemical properties and reactions.

By default, PM7 is the basis set in the latest version of MOPAC. Support for Gaussian In addition to Gaussian 03, Chem3D also supports Gaussian Chem3D D The current Chem3D Ultra stand alone product (which is called Chem3D Ultra with MOPAC) does include MOPAC Pro. CS Chem3D Pro and CS MOPAC Pro (Mac and Windows)UK mc squared, 46 Solent Road, London NW6 1TX, UK. Tel: ; Fax: ;.

Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , EM Larson and others published Chem3D, MOPAC & ChemDraw }. This ultimate modeling suite includes Chem3D Ultra , ChemDraw Std and ChemFinder Std It adds 3D Glasses, CS MOPAC, GAMESS & Gaussian. CS MOPAC Pro is a fully functional semi-empirical calculation engine that works with Chem3D Pro. CS MOPAC Pro computes properties, optimizes transition.