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MCCodes Redux (v) An updated version of MCCodes v2, solidifying the code base and adding some extra features. The long awaited, Redux is finally out!. a game engine better then mccodes redux. Better in what way? A more minimal amount of programming? More drag and drop? Works better on. In the MCCodes engine, we offer a very user friendly code format to allow developers to easily MCCodes V Redux engine discontinued (November 2 ).

MCCode product support, General inquiry, Business Partnership, Other. MCCodes Version. Other, MCCodes v1, MCCodes v2, MCCodes V Redux. Subject. MCCodes V Redux engine discontinued (November 2 ) MCCodes v2. b released (April 20 ) MCCode engine Redux (May 16 ). Viewing release notes. MCCodes V Redux engine discontinued. Added November 2 by Kunal MCCode engine Version branded as Redux has now.

Mirror saved on: Notified by: SA3D HaCk3D; Domain: http ://; IP address: United States. System: Linux. It's just because many games used McCodes (a while ago mind you), Redux is an update of v2 that frankly is a mess. v2 is just plain php. New features in Redux: Revamped staff panel Re-structured engine files Codes optimized for performance and organizational enhancements.